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Unlimited possibilities with Severa API

Visma Severa allows partners and customers to integrate other products and custom applications. Here are few examples:

  • ERP and bookkeeping
  • CRM
  • Payroll and HR
  • Ticketing systems e.g. Jira or Bugzilla
  • Electronic invoice processing
  • Mobile systems

Open API can also be used in company specific, customized solutions. This means that customers or partners can build their own solutions and link them to Visma Severa.

Severa API in a nutshell.

Severa API is a web service API that allows you to program an interface between Severa and other software applications. Code written by your IT programmer for the API, it will process a request, retrieve data and transmit it for use by one software application or the otherĀ  – in effect, the API acts as a shortcut to share data between software applications. The API may also be used the other way around, to insert data from another program into Severa. In general, the use of Severa API is controlled by only a few people, however the benefits of sharing data between applications may be visible to all Users depending on the type of data shared between the applications.

Make sure it fits your needs.

It’s important to make sure that Severa API will meet the needs of your company. Review the WSDL with your company’s programmers and discuss the possibilities. If desired, contact a Severa product specialist for more information (look in the upper right corner to find the telephone number for the office nearest you).


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