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Time Registration and Expense Reporting

Captured daily or in real-time and associated to customer projects and internal work. Report travel and other expenses for reimbursement and project cost updating.

Time and cost capturing

  • Timesheet for reporting time and costs
  • Time recording directly on calendar activities
  • Stopwatch for real time capturing
  • Travel and other cost reimbursement
  • Project cost and budget analysis
  • Direct link to billing

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Reduce stress with time reporting

Time can be captured during the day using a timer or at then end of the day. Time is reported against customer projects or for internal work. For employees working on the same projects during the week, it is possible to use the previous day as a template. Time reporting can also be done in the calendar view based on booked activities and events.

Employees can monitor the time distribution between different projects, flextime balance (time off in lieu, compensatory time), billable ratio percentage and productivity percentage. The system will notify you of the days that have not been checked as ready.

Supervisors can view and approve their employees’ reported time. It is possible to grant access to edit and even add new time entries through access rights.

Travel costs and reimbursement

Travel expenses are possible to report with time. Applicable per diem compensation and other travel expenses affect the project’s financial performance (costs and margin) and become billable according to the project’s price list.

Travel expenses can be compiled to a reimbursement document. Travel reimbursement can list all of the costs,  both compensated and non-compensated, paid with a company credit card, and for different projects. It is also possible to upload receipts.

A notification for every approved reimbursement is sent to employees via email. All travel cost information can de downloaded as an Excel file for payroll purposes.

Reporting and overtime

Summary reports display individual employee time logged and absences such as holidays in a specific time frame. Reported time can be viewed as lists and sheets, and even be downloaded into Excel for further use such as payroll.

Overtime classes used in time reporting options and billing can de predetermined by you can saved for future use.

Time report martix view

Time approval

All time entries can go through an approval process. Approval is done by either a project manager for all the time reported on their projects or by a supervisor. After the time is approved, it becomes locked and ready for billing.

To ensure accurate and reliable reporting, the time reporting period can be closed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This guarantees that time is not reported in the past, especially for a period that has already billed or delivered to payroll.

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