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Resource Planning and Management

Visma Severa’s workforce management handles task and employee scheduling to full-scale resource allocation with capacity analysis.

Resource allocation

  • Free trialAny sized projects and tasks
  • Resource allocation per employee
  • Utilization per department
  • Capacity per role or knowledge area
  • Employee scheduling
  • Group calendar with timeline view

Integrating sales and resource planning

Sales opportunity can already contain a tentative resource allocation. Potential resource allocation is separated from confirmed allocation through different colour identification.

Resource selection criteria can also be based on an employee’s role, department and knowledge areas. Resource planning can be done using a percentage or hours. Allocation length is linked to project plan or set manually. Connecting allocation with project phases allows for automatic allocation updates in situations where tasks are moved.

Capacity to handle the load

Resource planning provides insight in following situations:

  • Can we bid for a new project, do we have resources to complete it within deadline?
  • Do we need to recruit or scale down with our current order base ?
  • Are certain resources constantly over- or underbooked?

Resource load can be compared at an organizational, departmental or team level with the capacity on hand. Capacity can fluctuate from month to month based on scheduled holidays and other planned absences.

Resource planning accuracy can be easily compared with actual time registered in a report that shows both capacity, load and actual reported time.

Resource management reports allow for an individual view of specific resources. Resources can also be borrowed from other departments, and these reports reveal how many resources were spent in another department.

Employee and task scheduling

An alternative method for handling resource management for small jobs is the calendar view where tasks are scheduled directly to employees. Available time slots and previous appointments are visible in a timeline view. Unassigned activities where the task owner is not yet known are displayed separately for project managers and project members. This calendar can be synchronized with Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) and Google Calendar. The system will automatically send an email on any new activity.

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