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Real-time Reporting

Visma Severa enables your organization to save time with report generation and provides a full 360 degree view of your business affairs. 

Reporting with Visma Severa

  • Free trialCustomer and project profitability
  • Sales reports and forecast
  • Resource utilization
  • Time reports to payroll
  • Invoicing and revenue reports

Unlimited report creation and modification

Organizations can create an unlimited amount of reports, save the most commonly used ones as templates and even share them with employees and clients. Most reports can be added to the personal dashboard to provide instant access to updated information. All reports can be downloaded into Excel for further analysis. Severa API enables advanced data mining through an easy to use web services interface.

Employee role-based dashboard

All employees can create personal, fully customized dashboards according to their needs and responsibilities. Predefined dashboards can also be shared based on employee profile (project manager, sales manager and administration). This unifies reporting conversions and helps new employees get up to speed by giving them access to required reports.

Reporting dashboard

Customize report’s fields and criteria

All report fields are selectable by user and content can be modified with search criteria such as time frame, resource and department. Reports are displayed in list, matrix and charts.

Visma Severa allows income to be tracked all the way down to a single line on invoices with the following dimensions:

Customize your own reports

  • Customer
  • Project
  • Project manager
  • Sales person
  • Department
  • Product
  • Product group
  • Cost center
  • Sales account*

Report Gallery

Sales pipeline and financial overview

Revenue forecast

Sales forecast by business units

Sales Forecast / Rolling 6 months

Work time breakdown for customer projects

Resource allocation on monthly level

Project statuses and margins

Expand your reporting with add-ons

Business unit hierarchy: Model the structure of your company and monitor business success on unit level.


Graphical Reports: Create custom graphical reports.


KPI: How you would like to measure effectiveness in your projects? Create your own Key Performance Indicators that can be viewed on project summary.

Severa API: Import the data you want to an external reporting system by using Severa API.

Browse Add-ons Activity management, Proposal creation, Calendar synchronization and many more