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Project Management

Visma Severa’s web based project management connects sales, schedules, resource management, time, cost and financial information in real time.

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  • Milestones, schedule and financial targets
  • Workflow management and resource planning
  • Access anywhere
  • Extranet for customer communication

Project's key performance indicatorsFast project setup

Milestone creation, project timeline, and financial targets are fast and easy to configure. The information from project proposals is attributed directly to work time estimates and project pricing.

  • Use past projects as templates for new projects
  • Adding project phases with milestones, tasks and deadlines
  • Work times estimates (budget displayed in hours)
  • Gantt-charts and project task tree view
  • Revenue, billing, and expense forecasts
  • Project alerts and notifications
  • Project team selection and resource allocation

Manage workflow and assign tasksManage workflow, assign tasks

Project milestones, deadlines, and tasks can be imported from project templates or defined case by case. Assigning tasks to team members allows task completion progress to be tracked in the project summery view. Late tasks are highlighted in task list and calendar.

  • Assigning tasks and deadlines
  • Viewing reminders on outstanding tasks
  • Checking personal tasks in calendar and task list view
  • Using task lists as billable work time
  • Allocating unassigned tasks to available resources in calendar view

Compare forecasts with actual numbers

Project budgets are possible for fixed revenue, billing and expenses on a monthly basis. Sent invoices, reported work time, travel costs and other expenses are automatically compared with forecasts.

Project gross profit is measured with two key factors: with and without labor costs. Key metrics such as the ratio of billable hours and average price per hour are comparable between projects

Share project status with customers and other stakeholders

Instead of sending cluttering email updates on a project’s progress, this information can easily be share through Extranet-access. Customers are allowed to access information that has been shared with them in real time through a web-browser.

In addition to project schedule and status, customers can access and even upload documents, review reported time and estimate and see cumulative billing against the allocated budget. Project status, phases, and documents are also open for comments between the customer and you.

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Tools for pricing

Project pricing can be based on proposal’s products and services or predefined price list. Visma Severa supports following pricing models:

  • Split billing
  • Rate per hour (person and work type)
  • Product prices
  • Billing of travel and other expenses
  • Flat rate target pricing
  • Recurring billing

Project pricelist

Price per hour is calculated based on resource, project phase and work type. Overtime class can also affect billing price. Pricing is handled through rules that can be stored in price list. Expenses and other costs can be integrated to Visma Severa from ERP-solutions such as Visma Business, Visma Global, ProCountor and Netvisor.

Revenue recognition on monthly basis

Project managers can be responsible for recognizing revenue on a monthly basis.  Recognized revenue is compared with total project value and the system can automatically allocate revenue when a project has been completed. Billed time is recognized automatically based on the date of delivery.

Revenue is possible to identify on two levels: own and external revenue (such as subcontracting). The revenue recognition period can be closed by the system administrator to prevent entries into the past.

Project management add-ons


Revenue recognition: Recognize project revenue to match actual work completed and level of completion.



Extranet: Share information with customers, partners and subcontractors. All stakeholders can check project status, add comments, review hours or upload documents according to your selection.



Advanced resourcing:
Allocate teams and people to forecast workloads. Monitor resource capacity on your dashboard in real-time.

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