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Financial Management

Connect your ERP with Visma Severa for a complete business solution.

Accounting and ERP integration

Choose solution that interacts with your current systems

Visma Severa integrates with your organization’s current accounting and payroll systems. This ensures fast roll-out since there is no need to change all current solutions.

Visma Severa is compatible with the most common accounting and ERP solutions and allows for advanced functions such as electronic transfer of sales invoices to sales ledgers and bookkeeping.

  • Visma Business
  • Visma Global
  • Visma Administration
  • Visma Nova
  • Visma Econet
  • Netvisor
  • ProCountor
  • eFina
  • Tikon
  • Lasso
  • Talenom
  • Fivaldi

Customized integrations using open Severa API -interface, for example to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX -systems.

Aim for a complete solution

As Visma Group’s customer, your organization can also benefit from other software solutions such as a fully integrated ERP solution and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services such as accounting payroll and electronic invoice processing. Together, Visma Services and Visma Software are the biggest accounting office and ERP software vendors in the Nordics.

Visma Severa fits for all professional services organizations. Organization can naturally continue working with their preferred accounting office and ERP-solution.

Automized invoicing process saves time and money

Visma Severa can compile all invoices including any attachments automatically. In addition to emailing a PDF version of the invoice, we also offer electronic transfer options.

With certain solutions such as Visma Business, invoices will transfer automatically once it has reach a specified status such as “approved” or “ready for ERP”. Sending the invoice then occurs from the ERP solution and can be integrated with electronic invoice processing services.

Visma Severa provides, alongside its partners, the following services:

  • Maventa (currently only available in in Finland)
  • Norfello Postita (available in Finland)
  • Intrum Justitia (available in Finland)

Efficient methods working with accounting

By providing accountant and payroll personnel access to Visma Severa will increase efficiency in areas such as: work time and time-off reports to payroll, sales invoice processing and management reporting, and a better division of internal versus external administration.

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