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CRM & Sales

Streamline your business processes with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools.

 Sales dashboard

  • Customer and contact details
  • Activities and notes
  • Classification and segmentation
  • Sales pipeline and forecast
  • Proposal creation
  • Project and invoice history

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A CRM that Understands Projects

Visma Severa features real-time resourcing, shared scheduling and project status information. This enables you to take on new projects as resources in other projects become available.

With project planning as early as the sales stage,  you can be sure to maintain sufficient resources to commit to a proposed schedule.

Preliminary planning with profitability analysis increases the understanding with leeway in pricing. The estimated cost can be easily calculated with the Proposal add-on. Bid, estimate or quote, all numbers are linked to required products and services used to calculate the total price and estimate profit.

Share customer information seamlessly throughout the organization

Customer and sales information is shared amongst all departments making information gathering and updating easier. This ensures that the same database is used from marketing through to sales.

Access to view and update contact details can be easily managed through access rights.


Customer classification criteria used in reporting:

  • Customer and contact segmentation
  • Customer type
  • Customer rating
  • Account owner
  • Location (city, area, country)
  • Industry
  • Size (personnel and revenue)
  • Sold products & services
  • Contact person’s role
  • Own custom grouping

Sales representative’s daily tool

Visma Severa is a crucial part of a sales representative’s work. The system reminds them of upcoming meetings and scheduled calls and provides a critical account reports with sales forecast and pipeline in the dashboard view. All calendar events can be synchronized with Outlook, mobile phones, Google Calendar and Visma Severa. Adding or updating calendar entries can be done from most any device or location.

All communication is documented to allow incredible support and customer service throughout the project. Notes are easily stored both in customer details and user’s calendar. Sales, project, and invoice history is available based on user access rights.

Everything on sales

Visma Severa’s integrated CRM removes “bottlenecks” from the sales: it allows tracking at each step of the project in order to evaluate performance targets or identify where customers are lost.

Sales cases can be traced from lead to project start, which enables reviewing statistics such as quotes sent, RFIs received and negotiations held.

Updating Sales Case

From each sales case we can record:

  • Sales person
  • Sales value
  • Probability
  • Sales stage
  • Expected order date
  • Lead source
  • Previous and next activity
  • Responsible department and cost centre

Identify success factors

Does you organization track customer profitability? Doing analysis solely based on sales and revenue is not enough. Billed expenses and salary costs of personnel are easy to track with work time recordings.

Apart from customer profitability, it is critical to measure account managers, project managers and sales representative success rate. Reports can reveal individual impact on an organization’s revenue and profitability. This can lead to new ways of rewarding excellent performance.

Key principles for maintaining success factors are:

  • Proposals and quotes are based on learning from previous projects (schedule, profit, resources)
  • Sales can adjust according to available resources
  • Project invoices are created based on information from proposal, pricelist and customer details
  • Future recruitments and capacity can be estimated based on sales forecast

Transport data from other systems

Visma Severa enables all customer information to be available in a single view and to create custom customer lists and reports. Contact data can easily be updated via Excel import or synchronized with ERP systems such as Visma Business and Visma Global.

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