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Automated Invoicing

Invoice time, expenses, products, fees and recurring services with Visma Severa. Integrated project billing ensures 100% billable rate.

  • Free trialProgress billing linked with project phases
  • Timesheet invoicing based on reported (or approved) time and expenses
  • Flat rate linked with project phase
  • Recurring invoicing e.g. monthly service fees
  • Collective invoicing with many jobs on same invoice

Compile invoice data automatically

Automated Invoicing

Visma Severa lists all customers and projects that are ready for invoicing to guarantee that billable work becomes billed on time.

View project pricing for different methods of setting prices for timesheets. Invoice layout can be modified to follow existing stationery design.Visma Severa supports multiple tax rates, all currencies and invoicing in 12 different languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norvegian, Danish, Finnish and Russian.

For organizations that consist of multiple companies, it is possible to define invoice template, invoice number series, logo, VAT number and other contact details for each specific company. Learn more about organizational hierarchy add-on.

Automatized invoicing

Faster billing cycle

Project managers or account executives can create new invoices when they need them.

Invoice content is compiled automatically from the project’s offer, reported time, products and cost information. Modifications to descriptions, attachments, quantities and prices are possible when the invoice is still in draft status.  Billed time can be grouped to a single line based on employee, job, project phase, work type and reporting month. The level of detail regarding attachments is configured using the invoice template information or through custom settings for the selected invoice.

Invoices that are ready for delivery can be printed, emailed as a PDF document, or sent automatically to the customer using a 3rd party operator (electronic invoice, applicable to selected countries).

Invoices can also be transferred as orders to ERPs or accounting systems for final delivery to the customer. Example integration: Visma Business.

Accounting integrationInvoice collection and ERP integration

Invoice payments and accounts receivable are typically  tracked in accounting or ERP systems. Visma Severa allows invoices to be transferred to ERP automatically, file transfer based, or manually. View list of existing integrations.

Visma Severa allows you to create credit notes (credit memos) or reminders from sent invoices. Outstanding, overdue and paid invoices can easily and automatically be tracked with integration to  Visma Business System.

Invoicing add-ons

Organizational hierarchy:
Model the structure of your company. Unique access rights and invoicing terms for different business units, subsidiaries or holdings. Read more>


Transact with the world in any currency. Secure financial fluency. Over 160 currencies. Read more>


Recurring billing:
Ensure repeat charges are ready to bill on schedule. Automatically ready to invoice. Add-on is included in Business and Enterprise editions. Read more>

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