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 Severa Mobile

Enter work hour with your mobile phone

Enter work hours and track working time on your mobile phone. Review entries in daily and weekly view.

Work hour entries are also visible in Visma Severa web solution and can be used immediately for invoicing and reporting.

Activate the service for mobile employees

All Visma Severa customers can purchase mobile add-on in their Visma Severa’s upgrades -section

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 Severa Mobile

To try Visma Severa Mobile just type on your mobile’s browser and login using the following credentials.

Password: e2012

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 Severa Mobile Survey

Visma Severa Mobile survey 2012

With 389 responses, the Severa mobile survey proved to be one of the most complete inventories of mobile use for project management and professional services organizations. We were unable to find much research on this topic, so we decided to publish the data publicly.

Download Survey Results (PDF)