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Visma Severa
for IT and Consulting


”I capture all my hours and travel expenses
on daily basis so that we ensure precise and
fast billing cycle and project’s financial analysis”

Over 200 IT and consulting companies operate their businesses with Visma Severa.

360 degree view of your business

Visma Severa provides all key information in real-time:

  • Sales pipeline
  • Resource allocations of ongoing and planned projects
  • Revenue and billing forecasts
  • Project progress vs. budget
  • Profitability of each unit, customer and project

Powerful project management

You can use same system for one day to multi-year projects.

  • Fast project setup with templates
  • Project breakdown and Gantt charts
  • Resource planning with use of skills e.g. Java programmers or Scrum Masters
  • Flexible project pricing: fixed, time/expenses and recurring fees e.g. maintenance
  • Revenue and billing forecasting
  • Automatic profit calculations

End-user friendly

Each user has their own personalized dashboard with relevant tools and reports based on permissions and roles.

Automated invoicing process

Visma Severa helps to ensure that all billable items are properly invoiced to customers. The invoicing tool will automatically collect all billing information from projects, work hours, expenses and price lists. You can also setup reoccurring billing and billing schedules for each project.

The system also supports paperless billing. Our partners deliver the invoices to your customers in digital format. This same data can then easily be transferred to bookkeeping. Visma Severa easily supports various accounting systems and has open API for new integrations.

API integrations

Visma Severa has multiple add-ons and supports integration with many other systems. You can also integrate your own systems by using our web service API. Your solution can then even be offered to other Visma Severa customers through a partnership.  Here are a few of the most popular examples:

  • Accounting or ERP systems e.g. Visma Business or SAP
  • Ticketing systems e.g. Jira or Bugzilla
  • Electronic billing and paper invoice delivery services e.g. Maventa or Norfello
  • External CRM system e.g. or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Document management e.g. Google Docs or M-Files


“Visma Severa’s professional automation accelerates billing cycle and supports growth.”
- Timo Suominen

Futurice’s focus is on demanding, customer-specific tailored web and mobile application planning and development. Last year organization’s revenue was 9,5 MEur and it has been selected five times in a row to top 50 fastest growing technology organizations list.