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Visma Severa
for Advertising and PR offices


”120 advertising, PR and design agencies
run their business with Visma Severa.”

Manage projects from sales to billing

With Visma Severa, all relevant information can be found on one system. There is no need to copy the same data on to multiple systems. Our automation process saves you lots of time with:

  • Sales pipeline
  • Proposal tool
  • Project scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Time, travel and expense tracking
  • Automated billing process

End-user friendly

Each user has their own personalized dashboard with relevant tools and reports based on permissions and roles.

Other Visma Severa usability highlights:

  • Quick search that works like Apple Spotlight
  • One click access to most used reports, customers and projects
  • Time tracking from first page by using time sheet or punch clock
  • Team calendar and task list are always available

Manage small work assignments easily

The strength of Visma Severa is that you can use the same system for anything. From short tasks to longer projects, our user design allows new projects with a schedule, pricing and a team in only minutes.

Resource planning is optimized for both long and short projects. Resourcing can be accomplished easily through the team calendar. Project managers can drag and drop unassigned tasks to different employees and due dates. All users can see their individual tasks from their personal calendar and easily synchronize it with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar so that the same information is available in real-time on all devices.

Improve project quality and customer satisfaction

Visma Severa helps you keep track of your customers. Every customer and project has a dedicated owner who is responsible for delivering the results.

Good project and resource planning help to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. You can also provide customers with limited access to the system. This enables customers to see the project progress, provide comments/requests and approve work hours/expenses.


“Visma Severa integrates projects with customers and invoicing.”
- Kristiina Kavén

Zeeland is a marketing communications company with over 120 professionals who use Visma Severa every day for effective project management, time reporting and billing. They’ve found that Visma Severa is an important tool for internal communication as well as customer relationship management.

“200 % growth in two years supported by Visma Severa.”
- Mikko Kalliola

Aava & Bang is a marketing company specialized in “growth marketing”. They are dedicated to accelerating the growth of their customers through sales, marketing and customer relationship campaigns, but they’ve also satisfied their own need for growth with the aid of Visma Severa.